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Something Out of Nothing self help group(S.O. N)

managed by christopher m.

About us

Hi everyone,we are called Something out of nothing self help group registered under the Government of kenya ministry of social services and Gender.As many of you may be aware in the last 2007 elections kenya went under internal wars hence the youth were involved in fighting and many people were left homeless and property destroyed,it is with such we came up to form a group to bring change as we promote peace through community projects.we have come up with an initiative to plant bio energy crops like jatropha curcas and involve community based organisations,individuals and partners.we have been campaigning for this and have so far managed to get people plant.we are seeking for support to enable us own a land we are in need of 5 acres.we have good soil and climate.we are also seeking market for our produce(seeds).
we are encouraging people in the slums to plant as a fence and also the community atlarge to do inter cropping to ensure food security,we have initiated the project and planted over 100 trees.
an acre of land here costs Euro 3000,we want to plant in large scale create employment for both men and women,as well as eradicate poverty and reach a point where we will do away with slums.
we believe we can bring poverty to an end.we need seeds,we need training,we need partners.our jatropha project is termed jatropha king kenya which is also on facebook.we need about 15000 Euros to sustain production ,we will use green farming technique.
Alongside this we are looking forward to growing garlic in the same area.Garlic needs watering daily and we need to do a borehole.
We support a slum project here in Naivasha for slum kids which is a feeding programe,the kids are fed and get basic education from volunteers.part of the profit we will be making with our produce will be going to this charitable organisation
We will be grateful to have support in the jatropha and garlic projects.


Naivasha Town

christopher m.

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