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Antyodaya Chetana Mandal

managed by k. sonnenburg

About us

Antyodaya Chetana Mandal was build up in 1982. It has been striving for the promotion of a self-reliant and self-sustainable society on the concept where the poorest of the poor in the community will lead peaceful and prosperous life with mutual understanding and cooperation for achieving a new social and economic order. The NGO is inspired by the principals and values of Mahatma Gandhi. Over the years the operational area of ACM has been operating in tribal district of Orissa where the social, economic, educational, cultural and human rights were under threats. This small NGO is fighting agains Illiteracy & lack of awareness and Superstition; poverty, unemployment and migration; health hazardousness & malnutrition; gender inequity & woman trafficking; deforestation, soil erosion, uncultivable land & lack of irrigation; drought, disaster and exploitation of natural resources.
Education, empowerment of the tribals, health programms, income generations to fight against unemployment, advocacy to give the poorest of the poor a strong voice against injustice and integrated action projects for peace and development of the tribal community are the main activities of ACM.
ACM has developed an eye hospital for the control of blindness in the region where more than 48.000 people are identified as blind due cataract. ACM rehabilitated blind people and children through socio economic and education programms.
The first steps to develope a community is to build clean wateranks, wells, schools for all children, education programms for youth and women to avoid migration and agriculture programms like using uneven land for agriculture, planting of trees (Mango, cashewnut, papaya).


Rangamatia via Rashgovindpur
District: Mayurbhanj

k. sonnenburg

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