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Gibbon Rehabilitation Project/Soi Dog Foundation

managed by K. Timmins

About us

I am a volunteer and representative for two pioneering but struggling animal welfare charities in Thailand; the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project and the Soi Dog Foundation, both based in Phuket, Thailand. The Gibbon Project is an NGO that seeks to conserve the endangered Hylobates Lar Gibbon in the forests of Thailand. Gibbons have been extinct on Phuket now for over 20 years, however this highly successful project is carrying out pioneering conservation work by taking in illegally captured and traded gibbons, re-training them to be able to survive in the wild and releasing them into the Phuket's last remaining rain forest. The Soi Dog Foundation sterilses, nurses back to health, re-homes and re-releases Phuket's burgeoning populations of stray cats and dogs, which are often victims of abuse and arrive at the center with horrific injuries and in varying degrees of starvation. In January 2009, documentary maker Ella Todd of Environment Films is coming to Phuket to film both projects in an effort to raise awareness of their work. Ella is paying for everything; the flight, filming and editing all off her own back and we are therefore trying to raise funds for the filming and to aim to have the documentaries screened on international television.


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K. Timmins

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