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Wells For Zoë

managed by J. Coyne

About us

Wells for Zoë is a sustainable development organization helping communities in Malawi access clean drinking water. We also nurture organic agriculture and education. 100% of all donations support these projects.
It is almost irrelevant now that it was founded by John and Mary Coyne from Lucan, Co Dublin; such is the support it gets from so many people and in so many ways. It has never sought Government funding and depends on the generosity of the public for its development. The Coynes do however pay all administrative expenses and naturally they pay for their own flights, travel and accommodation while in Malawi, which now is about five months each year. This enables all donations to be spent where they are needed, in Malawi.
The only people paid by Wells for Zoë are our Malawian employees.


Eiscear Riada, Pettycannon,

J. Coyne

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