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ICOD Action Network

managed by A. Michael

About us

Founded as Integrated Community Efforts for Development(ICOD) in February 2008, ICOD Action Network’s work extends beyond material support and touches upon the need to empower communities so that they can be able to sustain themselves.

Vision: An empowered Uganda society where human rights are observed.
Mission: To respond to socio- economic challenges in society like HIV/AIDS, unemployment, poverty and food insecurity.

ICOD Action Network recently completed a five-year cycle (March 2008- February 2013), whose main goal was “reducing the incidence of HIV transmission and achieve sustainable improvements in the socioeconomic status of its beneficiaries through supporting community initiatives".
Projects implemented throughout the five-years cycle were part of the ICOD Action Network’s community development efforts targeting orphans, widows, elderly, child headed households, youth in and out of school, and other vulnerable members of the community. A number of positive achievements were registered which included; consolidating regional and district HIV/AIDS partnerships, training youth in HIV/AIDS prevention, training communities in Information Technology, strengthening HIV/AIDS prevention strategies and strengthening community food security systems.

The new five-years cycle which ends February 2018 will be guided by four objectives: Increase awareness on HIV/AIDS to positively change peoples attitude and behavior; Improve capacity of communities and families to care and provide support for people living with HIV /AIDS; Improve capacity of orphans, youth and other vulnerable children to take informed decisions about their lives and improve their socioeconomic status; Advocate for adherence and observance of fundamental human rights.

ICOD Action Network targets marginalized households of vulnerable children, youth, orphans, women and HIV/AIDS affected and infected people and supports them by extending health services, constructing houses, constructing pit latrines, constructing safe water tanks, providing material support, providing food aid during famine, providing planting seeds, domestic utensils, clothing and providing HIV/AIDS training and counseling to groups at high- risk of HIV/AIDS infection. The organization is also implementing ICT and permaculture programs targeting rural farming communities.
ICOD Action Network has continued to inspire individuals in Southwestern Uganda's to find innovative and sustainable local solutions to end extreme poverty, hunger and diseases. These individuals have demonstrated leadership, selflessness and passion to help their community break barriers to individual and community development and have worked with their communities to find lasting solutions independent from external support. We have continued to work with and train such leadership to move their communities forward.

We believe that sustainable solutions to end hunger, extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS e.t.c are those developed from within communities because lasting solutions lie within communities. That's why we work with communities to create permanent solutions that can sustainably transform them Our approach has continued to inspire individuals and communities and has produced new leaders who have found lasting solutions for their own communities and replicated our work in hard-to-reach communities; that is how we are "ACTION NETWORK".

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  A. Michael  18 November 2013 at 09:44 AM

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