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Save Mount Kenya Forest from Extinction Group

managed by p. mugendi

About us

We carry out reforestation of Mount Kenya forest through tree planting activities. The activities are in support of government of Kenya’s agenda to increase our forest cover from 2% to 10 %, which is an internationally required standard. Agro forestry technologies training aims to enlighten the community on the importance of integrating trees with cash/food crops, and to improve food crops production, through use of organic materials and nitrogen fixation trees. In addition, these methods promote environmentally health source of energy. The positive by product is restriction from entering the forest, and determent of carrying out massive destruction. Environmental conservation awareness is aimed at incorporating community collaboration in forest conservation through tree planting, and understands the importance of viewing the forest as their natural heritage. Currently we intend to reforest 20 hectares of Mount Forest land by planting 500,000 tree seedlings within duration of 3 years. This will be through establishing tree nurseries and transplanting the seedlings, the intend nurseries establishment will require equipments, labor, seeds and transplanting labor and that why we seek all persons of good will to support us.



p. mugendi

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