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youth in action

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About us

SpanAfrica Welcomes Incoming Board Chair Michael Radke.
SpanAfrica's work with Grassroots Partner Organizations now includes Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, and Uganda.
New Projects Page offers a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers who desire to work with Grassroots Partner Organizations.
SpanAfrica has several available volunteer staff positions.
Youth in Action

MDGs—extreme poverty, education, HIV/AIDS

About Us
Youth in Action reaches out to youth in rural areas to confront social, health, and environmental issues. Providing hands-on activities, including teaching seminars, we address issues such as AIDS, sanitation, and general life skills. Our niche allows us to partner with other organizations to develop health, nutrition, and sanitation projects. The donation portion of our work includes sending clothing and school materials to the community and children’s homes. Our services include sending youth to school as well as organizing them for community service projects and adventure service challenges, which give them the opportunity to enhance their own communities.

Our Community
The rural areas surrounding Accra, Ghana, where we work, face poverty, a lack of education, and a health crisis. The communities, including Papas, Bojwase, Bibi, and the Esikim communities, are generally composed of farmers who grow cassava, maize, beans, and fruit.

Our History
We were officially founded in 2008, our dedicated staff of five is composed of passionate locals, who are compelled to respond to the needs and hope of the youth of Ghana. Our work already allows us to reach out to a hundred people in various communities, however our vision and plans aim to see our influence steadily expand. We have a dream for opening an IT school for the youth to prepare them for productive futures.



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