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Hawkers Market Girls Centre

managed by i. schulz

About us

The Hawkers Market Girls Centre is a Community Based Organization that was started 1996. We offer education and vocational training to girls aged 16-22 years who live in the surrounding slums - they are unable to access formal education.

Our mission is to empower this young women to become potential and responsible industrious women of the world. We create opportunity for self development through providing vocational and life skills training in partnership with other organizations.

The current curriculum at the HMGC is a practical one year course which equips young women with the skills needed to provide for themselves and their family; as well as preparing them for furthering their education among other future possibilities.

The main components of the HMGC curriculum include:
* Life Skills, Literacy and Health
- like cooking, writing, english, accounts, leadership, girl guiding
- reproductive health training, healthy eating, sports, yoga and meditation
* Vocational Training
- like basic computer knowledge and typing
- income generating skills (sewing, knitting, catering, hair dressing
- entrepreneurship education, principles of business, financial literacy, marketing
* Environmental Studies
- like making solar cookers and briquettes, harvesting rainwater, growing food

The Center is a 'Learn and Earn' Centre where each girl is able to learn a skill that gives her an income generating possibiltity which will take her family out of the vicious cycle of poverty.


limuru road

i. schulz

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