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FREELAND Foundation

managed by R. Schlieben

About us

FREELAND is dedicated to making the world free of human slavery and wildlife trafficking by increasing law enforcement capacity, supporting vulnerable communities and raising awareness.

The multi-billion dollar illegal trade in protected species is one of the most lucrative illicit markets in the world today. Combined with habitat loss, it is driving many species towards extinction.

Unchecked nature crime not only ravages biodiversity, but the knock-on effects can unravel entire ecosystems. The loss of important watersheds and carbon sinks, for example, endangers human health and food security.

In addition, human trafficking targets vulnerable people for labor and sexual exploitation, destroying lives and tearing families apart. FREELAND believes a compassionate world is a world free of slavery.

Combating crimes against nature and humanity: At FREELAND, we help reduce human and wildlife trafficking across Asia by providing direct training and technical assistance to police, customs and environmental agencies to combat poaching, illegal logging and human trafficking.

FREELAND is helping governments form task forces, and we facilitate cross-border inter-agency co-operation and civil society action. Our trainers are highly qualified, as they are former government enforcement officers.

Sustainable communities: FREELAND recognizes that poverty creates the conditions for both human and wildlife trafficking -- and poverty simply must be addressed. To this end, we help vulnerable rural communities develop plant nurseries, fish and mushroom farms, renewable energy sources and reforestation projects. This makes a real difference in people’s lives while reducing the pressures on ecosystems.

Raising awareness & political will: FREELAND’s public awareness campaigns expose the roles that consumer demand and apathy play in wildlife and human trafficking. These campaigns also highlight the threats such crimes pose to natural ecosystems and our way of life.


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