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Alternative Society Organization

managed by A. Beaini

About us

ASO is a local non-governmental organization situated in Zahle with a focus on empowering the youth and nurturing their citizenship spirit by developing their awareness to the laws as well as focusing their attention on their responsibilities as citizens. ASO also directs attention to the dire conduct towards the youth and works to better situate their potential and to help them carve their artistic faculties
The organization was established in 2009 in response to the weak civil work in Bekaa. Having recognized the significance of civil society organizations and their vital need in Central Bekaa, a group of students from the Lebanese University in Bekaa decided to join hands to enhance the civil society in the region in 2002. With the support of outside consultants, ASO became an official organization in 2009, recognized under Lebanese law.

Since its launch, ASO has contributed significantly to strengthening the capacities of citizens to advocate effectively and reform their country. Many workshops, training sessions, and conferences regarding numerous topics have been and are currently being held at the organization’s center which is located in the district of Zahle. ASO supports and cooperates with such NGOs for better performance and its projects are funded by international and local donors.



A. Beaini

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