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managed by M. Richard Raj

About us

My organization works with two disadvanatged communities living in 50 remote backward villages. They are 1.Untouchable Dalits and 2. an untouchable tribe community called Valayar. I organized their women into self help groups and their men into farmers clubs. They realized the fact that EDUCATION IS EMPOWERMENT. They requested us to start and run a school in the midst of their villages and impart quality education.
Last year we started a school by name PRAISE MATRIC SCHOOL. There are 200 children studying at present. Our school lacks a good library where these children can get books in English and other subjects.
Their poor parents want quality education for these children so that they can get informed of their rights and deliver them from their low social status and lead a qualified life.
We need 3000 Euros to equip our library with these much needed books..

Latest project news

Give untouchable poor children a good library

  M. Richard Raj  23 March 2011 at 03:28 PM

Our poor disadvantaged children will write their annual exams in April. They will be having summer vacation for one full month. They want to make good use of the summer vacation to improve their knowledge by reading books. Please  help us help them with these much needed books.

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M. Richard Raj

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