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Al Karama Center

managed by O. Nakhleh

About us

Karama, seeks to access to all marginalized groups in the Palestinian society,
especially in the camps. Since the work of this Association is in Jalazoun
where the number of camp residents (14.000) people and they are mostly
low-income and part of a bad healthy environment , and the proportion of the
number of people is between (5-7) persons in housing units not exceeding
(65m - 90m), which affects the family negatively, especially in the field of
health and education.

From this standpoint,The charity Association for disabled rehabilitation and
family counseling seeks Family Service in many areas of education, culture,
social, health and the environment.

Al-Jalazon Camp
Is a Palestinian refugees camp, was founded in 1949 over an area of land of 0.25 square kilometers on a rocky hill at a distance of 7 kilometers north of Ramallah, is located near the village of Jaffna. the population of the camp is about 15000 people come out of 36 villages belonging to the regions of Lydda and Ramle.
Jalazon presents a score of Martyrs over the past two decades, and hundreds if not thousands of prisoners and detainees. In the recent period (20-6 to 11-7) more than 25 young people has been arrested from the camp, And the Israeli soldiers stormed the camp almost daily in the morning, the camp was known in the nineties as the green camp, as it called by Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.


Jalazone camp - main street
west bank
Palestinian Territory

O. Nakhleh

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