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I am writing to ask your assistance in meeting the transport needs of our project to provide medical support to some of the poorest people who live in remote, isolated communities of northern Ethiopia. We are working to re-equip and rehabilitate hospitals, health centres and clinics in Ethiopia where medical facilities are in a shocking state of disrepair and transporting staff and supplies to the project area over such rugged terrain requires a reliable, off-road capability. I would be immensely grateful if you would consider donating towards our appeal to raise £26,000 (41,600 Euros) for a good, 4 wheel drive vehicle for our project, thereby enabling us to carry out our work effectively.

International Development Partnerships (IDP) provides redundant medical equipment from UK hospitals to some of the run-down health centres in rural Ethiopia, where the facilities are virtually non-existent and the need for basic yet up-to-date equipment is enormous. Medical staff in Ethiopia are generally well qualified but they lack the resources to carry out the work for which they were trained and such services are in steep decline. In Ethiopia, the potential for rehabilitating hospitals, health centres and even schools, by re-cycling good quality equipment from Britain, is enormous. Although the level of training for medical professionals and teachers is high, rural health centres and schools in Ethiopia have had no investment for more than 30 years.

I would be most grateful if you would kindly consider supporting our work with a donation towards a Toyota Landcruiser (or similar 4WD vehicle) which would contribute greatly towards our project to provide basic health facilities to some of the world's most destitute people, and which will act as an impetus for further fund raising.

Thank you for your consideration.

Martha Mulugeta


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North Gonder

M. Mulugeta

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