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Studierendeninitiative Weitblick Duisburg-Essen

managed by C. Kees

About us

Weitblick (English: Far Sight, Vision) is a student initiative, founded in 2008. Weitblick promotes and supports equitable access to education worldwide. To achieve this goal, Weitblick works with dedicated and enthusiastic student volunteers in numerous locations throughout Germany.

Our goal
Our goal is to offer students of all disciplines the opportunity to apply their skills, knowledge, and talents to a social project with a good cause while studying. Through commitment within our initiative, we hope to increase awareness of social responsibility. Rather than acting impulsively, Weitblick strives to achieve its goals in a well-organized and sustainable manner. The driving force of Weitblick is the idea that we can make a difference with our work.

What we do
The guiding principles of our non-profit student organization are to mediate (exchanges), promote (projects) and educate (people). Each Weitblick location is responsible for, and provides support to, education projects in Germany and around the world. The projects are financed through donations, which are collected during numerous activities and events, such as parties and charity runs. In addition, we organize worldwide exchanges and excursions (for interested volunteers). The pillars of Weitblick’s existence are our members’ dedication and the financial support of our sponsors and friends.

Our principles
Weitblick and its ideals are supported by both committed students as well as sponsors and promoters from society, the business sector and academia. We are very pleased with the encouragement, and in return we strive to guarantee that we will work efficiently and sustainably. Therefore, we have drawn up the following principles for the work of Weitblick.

A basic requirement (of any successful organization) is trust, which depends heavily on complete transparency in regards to the deployment of our resources. In addition, we exclusively support projects that we have a personal connection with, and are run by reliable local partners.

Sustainability & Reliability
The guideline of Transparency is closely linked to the principle of reliability, which we owe our members, sponsors and partners, as well as the people involved in the projects. Weitblick strives to form long-term relationships with our partners, with the aim of promoting sustainability. Our supported projects need to comply with social, environmental, and economic standards.

Course of action & Helping others to help themselves
We want to demonstrate social commitment and improve educational opportunities for everyone involved. Therefore, we only support projects which are feasible within our capacities and which are likely to be successful. To be successful, the planning and execution stages of a project need to take into account the wants and needs of the local people. By proceeding in this manner, the project is accepted by all concerned parties, and we ensure that we provide help where help is actually needed. Therefore, the proper integration of the projects into existing local structures is essential. Weitblick uses and expands existing structures in our partner-countries to achieve project-continuity. Our principle of helping others to help themselves might sound simple, but in fact it is a very important guideline of our work.

Flexibility & Diversity
Weitblick is characterized by the diversity of its members and its projects. This diversity is an important key to our success, and it is closely related to the principle of flexibility. Flat hierarchies and flexible structures guarantee that good ideas are pursued, and that everyone can contribute with their own creativity and ideas.

Fun while working
Personal enjoyment is an important aspect of voluntary work, and it ensures long-term motivation. It is our desire to provide everyone involved confidence, security, stability and education. Hence, we feel it is worthwhile to combine doing something for a good cause with having fun. Numerous lasting friendships have developed in this manner.

Latest project news

Wir haben 9,75 € Spendengelder erhalten

  T. Rerich  12 March 2020 at 09:56 AM

 Zusammen mit unserem engen Partner Hilfe für Senegal verwenden wir diese für die Unterstützung von Schulerweiterungen in Thies im Senegal. Vor Ort gibt es immer etwas zu bauen und reparieren, das unsere Unerstützung erfordert. Ddaher vielen Dank für die Spende!

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