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Global Anti-Poverty Initiative Program

managed by G. Miller

About us

Global Anti-Poverty Initiative is an independent non-profit organization and an association for philanthropic endeavors through the Global MicroEmpowerment Initiative Program.

Pilot Program Overview:

Hunger Interdiction for school age children ages K (5) to 12 (18) on a per-school case managed basis. Providing week-end supplementation of various 'snack' sized nutritive foods which a child can serve themselves from a backpack. Working with teachers, and school district management teams as well as non-profits already engaged in asimilar programs for hunger interdiction and prevention.

The Exogeny Center will be directly responsible for the land development, design, oversight, and construction; for the provision of a Collective Hostel or Youth Camp, allowing the children to remain in a structured environment, under the auspices of trained professional staff, without creating additional burden on State authorities as regards programs for youth welfare, education, and confidence restoration.

“The Non-Profit Educational and Research Development Institute at The Exogeny Center” (The Institute) will be fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act, and will provide services to Hearing Disabled, Visually Impaired, and Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities persons, as well as working closely with Outreach programs for such established institutions as the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the St. Jude’s Children’s’ Research Hospital (for the treatment of childhood cancers), the Ronald McDonald House (foundation for housing and servicing the parents and families of critically ill children) The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Foundations for treatment of maladies such as Multiple Sclerosis and the United Nations International Children’s’ Education Fund.


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Moss Point

G. Miller

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