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München Hilft Ukraine e.V.

managed by Roman Buznykovatyy

About us

We are "München Hilft Ukraine e.V." - a non-profit association based in Munich. We help the refugees from Ukraine and people in Ukraine who suffer the consequences of war. We started volunteering activities on 24.02.2022 - the first day of the war in Ukraine. We have grown from 0 to a community of 2300+ volunteers. Together, we have raised 0.5M€+ of donations and shipped more than 2100 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, which reached thousands of people. We also helped thousands of refugees in Munich.

We now focus on helping Ukrainian hospitals, orphanages, elderly houses, and other the most vulnerable populations in Ukraine. We collect donations in Germany and buy medicine, medical equipment, food, clothes, & other goods for people in Ukraine.


Schönstr. 55

Roman Buznykovatyy

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