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Bildungs- und Kulturzentrum e.V. Bonn

managed by Ömer Faruk Öztürk

About us

About us
Our association was founded in 1998 under the VIKZ umbrella organization. The aim and purpose of the association's work is the religious, social and cultural care of Muslims in Germany and in particular the encouragement and stimulation of social responsibility and social commitment of young people.
We are mainly concerned with the school, professional and academic support of children and young people. In this context, school support such as homework supervision and tutoring in all subjects is offered.

Our religious services
Carrying out the daily ritual prayers together with the Imam, giving lectures and preaching at Friday and festival prayers, providing religious education work for Muslim children and youth, organizing the pilgrimage (Hajjund Umrah).
We also offer the opportunity to host various religious activities such as weddings, engagement ceremonies, circumcision ceremonies and Islamic rite anniversary programs at our facility.


Pariser Str. 50

Ömer Faruk Öztürk

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