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Arbeitsgruppe Klinische Neuropsychologie UKE

managed by S. Moritz

About us

Our research group is part of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, a recognized non-profit organization. We have made it our goal to improve the understanding of mental illnesses through our research and to translate current findings from basic research directly into therapy programs. In recent years, we have developed therapeutic programs for people with a variety of psychological difficulties, including those with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders and addictions. Most of these programs are available as a free download on our website. One program, called Metacognitive Training (MCT) has been adopted by treatment guidelines in various countries. Our research group does not hold “fundraisers” or have administrative costs, so that all donations go directly to supporting research. We are asking for your support because it is important to us that we can continue offering our MCT materials for free.

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Wir haben 40,95 € Spendengelder erhalten

  S. Moritz  18 February 2020 at 05:34 PM

Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich für die Spenden bedanken. Kontinuierlich arbeiten wir an weiteren Übersetzungen, aktuell wird das MKT für Schizophrenie/Psychose und das MKT für Depression ins Isländische übersetzt. 

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S. Moritz

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