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managed by Lena Liberta

About us

The "edial-world-project" is a non profit initiative founded in 2022 by Lena Liberta and stands with the abbreviation "edial" for empathetic dialogue. The aim of the project is to encourage people to change their perspective in a variety of ways by inviting them to engage in empathetic dialogue. The aim is to shift the focus from what separates to what connects. Based on the principles of conscious and non-violent communication, this should contribute to counteracting the division of societies and the development of enemy images, which can also be the starting point for armed conflicts. What unites the supporters of the project is the vision of a peaceful, globally networked community that wants to promote friendly connections despite all existing differences, despite unequal living conditions and preconditions, in order to be able to create a fairer future worth living for all.


Karl-Kunger-Str., 69

Lena Liberta

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