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Source - Network for Humanitarian Action e. V.

managed by Leon Birck

About us

Source - Network for Humanitarian Action e. V. was founded in summer 2017 and is recognised as a non-profit organisation in Germany. The humanitarian education projects are driven by six young professionals and students from Germany, England and Italy. We are united by the vision of enabling education in and through technology even in precarious places. All members volunteer for the association's projects in addition to their jobs or studies. That is why every donation goes directly to the project. Close contact with our local partners is particularly important to us. This enables us to align our actions strictly with local needs.

Latest project news

We received a payout of €4,963.87

  Leon Birck  15 May 2024 at 04:29 PM

The donation campaign has achieved a remarkable milestone, amassing €21.135,05 in contributions! Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to each and every donor who has generously backed us throughout this fundraiser.

With approximately €5,000 allocated towards replacing the energy system, a substantial portion of the funds remains earmarked for the construction of the new classroom.

Following consultations with our local partner, Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR), we have obtained quotations for the classroom construction, estimating costs to fall between €10,000 to €13,000. 

These funds will soon be deployed to commence construction, which is expected to take roughly one month. To ensure successful project delivery, one of our Co-founders, Leonardo Calisse, will be on-site in Kakuma throughout the construction phase, alongside a newly recruited volunteer.

In addition, we have discussed the need for a new internet system in the computer centre. Internet connectivity has been a persistent issue in Kakuma Refugee Camp, frequently hindering online learning, communication and collaboration. After consulting with SIR, we have decided to install a new Starlink energy system to improve the reliability and availability of the connection. The hardware required for Starlink costs €900. 

Furthermore, additional funds up to €400 monthly are allocated towards the running of the new classroom, covering expenses such as energy, internet, staff, security, and educational resources. Additionally, we are committed to supporting SIR's efforts in resource mobilization and exploring new avenues for career development for graduated students.

We firmly believe that reconstructing the lost classroom, coupled with these supplementary initiatives, will significantly enhance educational opportunities within the camp, facilitating a notable expansion in the educational programs, students, and initiatives we can support.

We look forward to sharing updates on this transformative project and extend our sincere gratitude once more for your unwavering support.

From the Source Humanitarian Network team

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