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Villa Sturmfrei

managed by Annemarie Schuetz

About us

We are a house project initiative from Rostock and we want to build the first communal new house for 40+ people in Rostock. According to the motto "The houses to those who live in it", we get rid of the landlords and build our own unsaleable house. We make sure that it will always belong to the people who live in it. This will lead to low and stable rents in the long run. We hope to be accepted as a project by the Mietshäuser Syndikat soon. (

We will apply for a building plot in Rostock in 2022 and are preparing for the upcoming concept tender. We have found a great team of architects and the first major bill will come our way in the summer.

We need 5000 Euro to plan the house and to apply successfully. Help us to cope with this step. With your donation we will build a house that will provide affordable housing for all.

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Herderstrasse 14

Annemarie Schuetz

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