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Nyasemi Self Help Group

managed by Bochaberi Ogeto

About us

Nyasemi Self Help Group is a self help group based in Nyamira County-Kenya. The group runs a Green Schools Program (GSP): This is an environmental program that was designed by Nyasemi Self Help Group as a means of conserving our environment with particular emphasis to schools and the communities around them. This program has among its components, issues that address health, water and sanitation, environmental awareness, tree planting with particular emphasis to multipurpose trees and species especially fruit trees for nutrition in schools.
VISION: To create 'green consciousness' and awareness empowering the younger generation for being actors of environmental conservation & protection by providing them an opportunity to actively participate in raising of tree seedlings & tree planting.
MISSION: The mission of "Green Schools Project" is to create green consciousness among school going children through a mind-set change by involving them in seedlings production and plantation.

This organisation cooperates with Maecenata:



Bochaberi Ogeto

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