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Tanzania Development and AIDS Prevention ( TADEPA)

managed by G. ALEXANDER

About us

Introduction and background about TADEPA

Tanzania development and AIDS Prevention (TADEPA) is a local non--governmental organization (NGO) that was registered in 1997 according to the Trustees Incorporation Ordinance (1956) with a certificate of compliance of June 2005 as per NGO act of 2002 based in Bukoba, Kagera Region, Tanzania. TADEPA was initiated by former staff of Medecins du Monde (MDM) France; an international NGO. MDM started working in the Kagera region in 1992, focusing on HIV/AIDS interventions. In 1997 the local staff decided to develop their work portfolio autonomously from MDM to take over the services that were initiated by MDM, a move fully supported by MDM, as it enabled local people and the local community to take ownership and enhance the sustainability of the programmes. Following a phase out period, TADEPA was fully independent in 2001 and MDM withdrew from the program.


Zam Zam - Bukoba


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