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About us

SOMA CHILD SUPPORT UGANDA (SCSU) is a non-governmental foreigner Organisation registered in Kabarole District as an CBO and in Kampala as NGO. Our fields of work are in education, health and sanitation, agriculture among others. We are only working for the rural poor in our Ruteete Subcounty, where we have our office. We work hand in hand with the Village Health Team (VHT) and the LC I of each village. The VHT is bringing us the informations about households and its members, age, sex, diabled or not, HIV/AIDS, education level etc. As soon as the report reaches my desk am going through all households looking for: a) child headed households, b) orphans living with HIV/AIDS, c) orphans living with grandparents, d) children staying with stepmothers. After we call the Chairperson LC I to arrange a meeting in his village. We discuss the problem of the village and go to see the households selected. Since the most adults of Ruteete Subcounty are illiterate there is a high rate of HIV/AIDS which left so many children behind, the oldest brother or sister drops out of school to cater for his siblings, lacking each and everything (I have seen it with my own eyes) and the children staying with the grandparents. We take photos from them and their homes and make notices which we send to our Partnerorganisation Kinderhilfe Ruteete eV in Germany. Here lies the future of the children we are looking for. Our main goal is to bring orphans back to school and provide the caretakers/grandparents with income generating projects. Especially grandparents must be helped to survive their families.


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