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Superrr Lab

managed by Julia Kloiber

About us

Superrr is a community and a lab. We develop visions and projects with the goal to create more equitable futures. We do so by researching technologies, building networks and shaping new narratives. Superrr is playful, visionary and feminist.

The mission of Superrr Lab is to explore and develop the potentials of new technologies for society and diversity. We challenge existing paradigms by bringing new perspectives and stakeholders to the discussion. We work with civil society, political decision-makers and the tech industry. Through our fellowship programs, we support individuals and explore future narratives. In our research work, we study the social implications of technology. In our advocacy work, we challenge the power and purpose of technology in society. Our work is driven by feminist values such as equity, diversity, creativity and curiosity. Superrr Lab is an independent non-profit organization founded by Elisa Lindinger and Julia Kloiber in 2019.


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