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Volta Basin Development

managed by A. Purmar

About us

The organisation to be registered as a charitable company under the
requirements of the 1993 Act.
· this is to relief financial hardship
· advancement of education, training and apprenticeship
· advancement of religion and other cultures
· for the benefit of the community and also for the general public
· to support the livelihood for women or female headed household
· to support children living under difficult circumstance
Relief of financial hardship includes, people who are suffering from the effect of old age, sickness and disability. By giving money to beneficiaries or providing food, clothing or housing and by giving advise or other services to those in need and also temporary hardship caused by job loss or sickness.

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  A. Purmar  25 December 2012 at 06:41 PM

I am very much disappointed that there is never any donation towards the project

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8 Rogers road Canning Town

A. Purmar

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