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LEAP Science and Maths School

managed by P. Waechtler

About us

The LEAP school would like to invest in lockers for their students at LEAP1, a whole day school. We have 160 students who need to store their books and exercise books.

LEAP is a community-based intervention schooling model that has been specifically tailored
to address the needs of children in South Africa’s township communities. LEAP aims to
enable these learners to gain access to tertiary study opportunities, be successful in their
chosen career path and develop as socially responsible citizens of South Africa.

The model concentrates on the last 4 years of high school (Grades 9 to 12) and focuses on
whole learner development and rigorous academic training through a values-focussed life
orientation programme and double contact time in key subject areas (the school day runs
from 08:15 to 17:15 with 2 lessons of Maths, Science and English every day). Since opening
in January 2004, LEAP has achieved remarkable success with 75% of our matriculants
pursuing tertiary studies.


307 Forest Drive Extension
Cape Town
South Africa

P. Waechtler

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