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kingsbrilliant project kenya

managed by cyrill

About us

The primary goal of this project is to restore hope and provision of formal education and needs to orphans and other vulnerable children in Kenya.

We do believe that when we help the children acquire education we would have empower them to get knowledge and skills for self-development .furthermore we engage in income generating activities to be able to sustain the institution and also to empower members of the local society with entrepreneur skills to help them attain self -reliance within the slum.

The project has a well-balance diet for the children where we ensure that the children get a well-balanced diet; two meals a day since it’s a day school. Furthermore the school has got a program that provides school uniforms to students in addition to these the school recognize that some of the children are traumatized and maybe in need of psychology counseling. The school has endeavored to offer psychosocial support by seeking the service of professional counselors from time to time.



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