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Moneybox to help me going back to Italy

managed by Francesco Blaconà

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Hi guys, I hope everything is ok, my name is Francesco and I'm 23, at the moment I'm living in Brazil in the state of São Paulo and here it's ok I love us and the Brazilian way. I learned over time to write and speak a little Portuguese too.

unfortunately and recently my family, who helped me a lot here in Brazil, ran out of money and exchanged a house for a minor.

they told me they can't help me anymore and now I get desperate because I tried to work here but it doesn't work out very well.

So I'm tending to come back and study there in Italy, so I'm asking for your help to fulfill my dream of returning to my country of origin and learning there and building something good. I am passionate about animals and I want to be a veterinarian, I took a course when I was in Italy and passed with 80% positive but unfortunately I had to see it in Brazil and I stopped.

Now I want to stick to my dream.

Thank you everyone in advance.



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Francesco Blaconà

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