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LiMO - Free Democratic School in Märkisch Oderland

managed by Romy Sporschill

About us

We are about to create a Free Democratic School that children actually really like to visit. WHY?
Because adults are not only mentors but also companions and help children on theire mission to understand the world. We lern close to nature and with lots of actions. The motivation for studying is raising when there are intrinsic reasons. So the basic for everybodys progress is the individuell interests. Once we know what the child is into, togetherly we'll plan a project that everybody can joyn. We transfer for nonviolent communication and democratic elements into our school life so the kids will be strong in their selfestime and community.
The School sofar is existing as there is a house with a huge garden and there are also Workshops runnig for children yet. We have a full concept which is proofed but not completly accepted. But we have a lawyer now and are very sure the second round will work out properly.


Tempelberger Weg 9

Romy Sporschill

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