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Malema Foundation Tanzania

managed by Dastan Mziwanda

About us

Our Organization works on Economic Empowerment of Women both in business and not in business where we train them on how to improve their businesses and how to generate business ideas, Market linkages, Credit readiness and access ti finance. However, financing their businesses is where the challenge raise in the sense that because of the fact that their businesses are small they can not afford to meet strong conditions set by financial institutions for securing loans. This makes it difficult for them as some do not have immovable collateral such as houses. So, we have started a MALEMA WEALTH FUND that will be providing financial support to help improve their businesses. We are therefore fundraising to get seed funding to help the newly established MWF operationalise. We therefore seek for your sympathy, we seek for your support!


Laiderer Stadtweg 12

Dastan Mziwanda

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