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Ensa and Family

managed by Ensa

About us

Dear world, my name is Ensa I live in a small village with my poor younger siblings (6),south of the Country called Kartong , lost my Dad some few years ago , I had a donkey that he left us before his untimely death which I use to work with and make some living with my family but the donkey died too, we live on rent and during July 2021 our house got completely damaged to the heavy rainstorm that hit the community and left us with nothing , we are therefore asking some help from anyone that can help us get a house, a donkey and some means of having to start a business to help me help my family so my siblings can be able to go to school again like they always wanted .
Food and shelter has become quite a big challenge for us to get and some other families within the neighborhood, Playing and becoming a soccer pro has always been my dream but my lack of completing my school due to the lack funds has been an obstacle
Please we would be very grateful to anyone that can help with our req


Kartong, Kombo South
The Gambia