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Somali Community Concern (SCC)

managed by Abdirashid ADDANi

About us

Somali Community Concern (SCC) is a non-political and non-profitable, humanitarian relief and development organization that works to save lives, promote self-reliance and dignity through human transformation going beyond relief and development. Founded on 9th April 2003 by a group of Somali intellectuals and activists, who came
together to improve the resilience of the Somali community to realize their full potential in responding to community challenges. In line with its mission, SCC has endeavored to support communities to address the myriad of threats and risks to food and livelihood security by facilitating the implementation of an integrated livelihood support and resilience program. The organization works towards harnessing unrealized economic potential, unutilized indigenous resources, and knowledge responsive to community needs and priorities.


Bulohubei Market, Opposite Imperial Hotel, Wadajir district, Banadir Region

Abdirashid ADDANi

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