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Worldcukture Foundation (W|K-Stiftung)

managed by Stefan Haake

About us

“Weltkultur Stiftung” (Worldculture Foundation) is a non-legal, non-profit foundation under civil law.

The foundation pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes within the meaning of the “tax beneficiary purpose” of the duties regulation of Germany.

The purpose of the foundation is the promotion of art and culture, as well as the introduction to a cosmopolitan spirit of tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding.

The purpose of the statutes is met by supporting film projects, as well as through events and other projects that promote knowledge about the world’s cultural heritage.

The Foundation is self-serving and does not primarily pursue economic purposes.

In cooperation with Media Policy Center, a California-based, not-for-profit organization


Clemensstr. 1

Stefan Haake

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