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About us

Bornstar Vision Center, community school and a community center for empowering youths and women, mentorship programs, and where we feed many children from Kibera slums where we are located. Kibera is one of the world's largest slums with so many people living under deplorable conditions, dilapidated structures and full of crimes such as robbery, early pregnancies, early marriages, unemployment and drug abuse among many other vices. Bornstar Vision Center was established with the Vision of curing most of the Challenges being faced by children, youths, women and young boys and girls, through education, feeding and other suitable programs. Consequently, we were located along the railway line and our structures were demolished by the Kenya railway authority. We were lucky enough to get a small room where we rented. The space is too small and cannot accommodate many children as we intended. We are seeking funds to buy a piece of land and build a school and a vocational training center.


Olympic, Kibera


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