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Klima-Kollekte - Kirchlicher Kompensationsfonds

managed by Katharina Bredigkeit, Klima-Kollekte

About us

Klima-Kollekte is a carbon-offsetting fund operated by Christian churches in Germany and other European countries. Klima-Kollekte provides opportunities for offsetting the unavoidable emission of greenhouse gases. The process is accomplished through projects concerning emissions reduction while using renewable energies or energy efficient methods. The project implementation is the responsibility of our partners and funding organisations: MISEREOR, Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service, German Caritas Association e.V., the Protestant Church in Germany, the Swiss relief organization Fastenopfer, the Protestant Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, HORIZONT3000, the Missionary Childhood Association `Die Sternsinger`, Mission EineWelt, the United Protestant Mission and Nordkirche Weltweit. Climate-protection projects overseen by Christian organisations or their partners are carried out in developing and emerging countries only.


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Katharina Bredigkeit, Klima-Kollekte

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