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Please Help Amine

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The thirty-year-old young man, Amin, suffers from swollen right leg. He was in good health. That surgery was the cause of the problem he is experiencing now, because two arteries were cut. When he was 17 years old, the right leg suddenly began to swell and now he has been suffering for 13 years, and this disease is all As long as his leg was bloating more and more, and recently, a charitable organization contacted a hospital in Germany with a doctor specialized in this disease, and the doctor confirmed that this disease can be treated, and after sending the disease file and pictures to the specialist doctor and sent him the date of the operation and its estimated cost For 44.800.00 euros, and this amount is large for him. I hope everyone who can help him helps him because he needs this process to become a normal person like the rest of the people, and he is now the one who supports his family and rewards you with God.


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