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Enough hope for the needy

managed by Christian Godwin

About us

jobs opportunity creation for youths and women more especially widows and venerable children to be out of the street and became useful to their family and the country at large.
MY VISION: I have a dream of became a blessing to my generation by putting smile in the faces of people who has lost hope in life, given hope to hopeless people by providing a jobs opportunity to our youths who as a result of no work are now becoming cultists, arm robber, kidnappers etc you will agreed with me, idol man they say is the devils workshops. If am given #10,000 000 (ten million) which may not be enough but it will go along way in providing jobs opportunity, also in no distance time to start an NGO here in Nigeria which primary target will be to better the life of our widows and venerable youth and children, to kick poverty out of our community is a fight l am read to lia down my life to win, which if you agree with me I need financial support from well mean body's to win this fight.


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Christian Godwin

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