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Eco-Friendly Self-help Project

managed by Charles Nyabola

About us

FOCUS : Sustainable development
MISSION : To undertake functional activities with meaningful steps towards alleviating poverty and realizing sustainable development.

To create rural employment opportunities by empowering (through organized workshops/training) households, farmers, groups and communities with sustainable and scalable practical skills in regenerative/organic farming, Local Trading System (LETS) and projects such as: indigenous poultry keeping, piggery, Rabbit keeping and fish rearing, tree nursery/agroforestry and waste management.
To organize training and awareness programmes in Primary schools through which pupils can be trained on basic health care: personal & environmental hygiene, ways of controlling HIV/AIDS, waste management & disposal and sustainable agriculture/Bio-Intensive Gardening –( B.I.G).
To improve, support and appreciate one’s ability, knowledge, talent, innovative/creative work, education of girl and boy child, community activit



Charles Nyabola

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