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We provide sanitary pads and underwear to women and girls from marginalized communities in The Rift valley region of Kenya which covers an area from border with South Sudan in the North to border with Tanzania in the South. Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic and its devastating economic effects, women and girls from the region can barely afford a meal per day leaving basic healthcare needs such as sanitary pads out of reach. This has resulted in the women and girls using unhygienic methods and materials such as cut old blankets /linen and plant leaves. The marginalized population of women and girls in the region is about three million.
With 1 $ per person per month or 12$ per annum , we may reach a wide population of the affected group. Anticipated outcomes include: increased productivity by the women who will be able to work comfortably through out and reduced absenteeism from school by the girls hence improved class performance.


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