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Swastik Srijan Foundation

managed by Ramesh Pandey

About us

(Reg. No. 11448/13)
respected Sir,

Swastik Srjan Foundation is a voluntary organization and voluntary organization. The institution was formed on 30/12/2013. The work area of ​​the organization is all over India. Since its emergence till today, the institution is contributing its outstanding work in the field of country interest such as society, education awareness, health, Indian culture and equity. Workers and officials of the organization from village, town and district to Delhi NCR (Noida, Greater Noida) The region is also making its selfless significant contribution in education health, women awareness, service to the poor helpless, support and awareness towards Corona and other sociocultural activities. The schemes and works of governance by the institution are also being propagated among the people from time to time through public awareness. The institution is not financially strong enough to be able to handle every speed method. In such a situation, if the enlightene


Ward 1 Dadar PO. Rahat

Ramesh Pandey

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