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managed by Antonio Pires Cardoso

About us

We are a small community based non-profit organization, located in Fogo, Cape Verde islands, working to improve the lives of our members, especially women and children.
Our mission is as follow:
To bring together partners to find solutions leading to the empowerment of women;
To eradicate poverty in rural areas;
To provide means that allow women to improve their lives economically and socially;
To ensure that ordinary people have access to simple things, like the right to eat, essential public services like education and health care, and, to have a say in the decisions that shape their lives.
To empower women in their community, in order for them to be self-sufficient
To protect and fulfil the rights of women and children living with poverty and injustice;
To build a long-term sustainable program;
To improve the living standard for the rural people in all spheres of life.

We put women and children issues in a centre of our focus, fighting inequality and injustice.

Agro-Norte cooperates with the Maecenata Foundation:


Ponta Verde
Sao Filipe, Fogo
Cape Verde

Antonio Pires Cardoso

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