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youth development vision

managed by Bahati Musafiri

About us

Currently in the nakivale refugee settlement, poor self-sustenance is one of the problem that affect youth refugees in the community because of lack of initiatives and lack of skills. that leads them into conditions like: depressions, prostitution, drug consuming, stealing, rapes, stresses, trauma, and so on….
Considering that youth are at the same time actor and victims of the development because of the most total lack of initiatives.Youth development vision is an organization in odder not only to give the main decision makers and people good will an opportunity to reflect on the needs of refugees but also their consideration to building the community.It’s a project that helps youth, in some different types of skills, like:entrepreneur skills,Tailoring skills, Hairdressing skills, language skills, computer skills etc.… these skills that will be provided by the organization will give them the ability to open their own businesses and to be self reliant .


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Bahati Musafiri

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