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Marquesha fighting cancer

managed by Jacques Pienaar

About us

My daughter was diagnosed with a Yolk sell tumour in February 2020. According to the doctors it was about 300 times worse than normal. She is a real fighter and doing well.

Her cancer count was 315 000 when she was diagnosed and we are now down to 2000... she still has chemo and she will receive chemo agaun on the 4th of January 2021.

The tumour is between her rectum and stomach and the size of the tumour is 101mm x 58mm x 54mm.

The doctors want to keep on giving chemo to shrink the tumour to make the operation smaller. We will only know with the next MRI if the tumor has shrunk.

I am the only one working, due to the pandemic my wife was let go from her job, due to the fact that she had to take leave every time my daughter went for chemo for 3 -6 days. We only have one income and it's not enough to get all the things for my daughter when going to the hospital and when she is at home.

During the lockdown, they sold the house that we were renting and now had to move in with my par


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South Africa

Jacques Pienaar

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