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WIshful Thinking -- Project Hope in Bali, Indonesi

managed by M. Ludin

About us

HOPE Foundation
a better tomorrow for our children

HOPE Foundation endeavors to meet the needs of children and families in the ¬¬¬6 Banjars (Peliatan, Ayah, Keliki Kawan, Yeh Tengah, Roban and Triwangsa) at Kelusa village outside of Ubud. The Foundation provides services at no cost to its clients classified into HOPE’s 3 projects. Services include: field trips, the HOPE Scholar Project, sick care, well care and education, nutrition, unusual and necessary emergency acute care, 100% authentic Western medicines and a safe haven for the children of the targeted villages at its clinic, Rene’s Place of HOPE in Banjar Peliatan.

Dewa is 6 and was given a life sentence with a date of death not too far off when he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma this summer. There is no way we could deny him treatment and in Indonesia medical care is not guaranteed and when it is offered, the prognosis is given the most weight in determination of providing treatment. Dewa was given a less then 50% chance to live through the end of the year. That report thwarted any government assistance with treatment. Knowing this and after careful review and consultation with oncologists in Jakarta, Project Hope's Medical Director, Dr. Susila, requested funds to literally save this young man's life. Project Hope has made a written guarantee to the hospital in Jakarta to pay for Dewa's treatment which is expected to last in excess of 6 months, in the hospital. 100% of the donations will go to Project Hope, Dewa and our sick kids. We're all volunteers!!


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

M. Ludin

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