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I am trying to raise money for Mia to get a stroller. She is 5 y/o and has autism. I need a stroller for her do to her "tantrums" and low muscle tone. She wears afo's in her shoes which by the end of the day hurt her feet.
I have tried through medicaid and it doesn't seem to be going through but we need one yesterday.
Depending on how much money I can raise the cost ranges from $170-$1900. Obviously the $1900 is a better one with a higher weight limit and has a tray (she is gf/df so it will help when we are places she can eat right where she rolls)

The brands are special tomatoe buggy($170) or pushchair ($450) also the Swifty ($1900).

Anything will help it is a lot of money and I really as much as I want to do it on my own...I can't.
Thank you!

yes I did change it take 5% of your goal so at $1900 I got to $1805 in reality. $1900 is just for the base of the chair $2600 is for the harness and etc. After other fundraising I am $600 from my goal. I am just keeping this up here due to the donations. If I do go over my goal any extra will be donated to autism speaks or autism of delaware when we do our yearly walks for the chairtiy.
I did talk to the company and had the price reduced since it is self pay $2326.90 is the cost.


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