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managed by Grace a.

About us

was established and registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in March 2015 to help the disadvantaged children and their mothers/caregivers become self-reliant and resourceful to their respective communities.

Vision: To uplift rural communities of Africa-Uganda and create links to international communities in order to build strong communities in our nation to combat poverty, HIV/AIDS through the spirit of Equity, Equality and Empowerment.
We believe that trust, corporation are the best avenues to address needs in rural communities.

Mission: Standing together to ensure qualitative education both formal and informal to HIV/AIDS orphaned children, women and people living with disabilities to alleviate pervasive hunger, poverty and systemic deprivation to reach beyond their full God given potential or realizing their vision Objectives
1. Strengthen the protection and care of orphans and vulnerable children within their extended families and communities.

2. Enhance education o

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Grace a.

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