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managed by Mwesigye Robert

About us

It's the non profit organization operating in the republic of Uganda. It's aiming at restoring the harsh climatic changes and empowering vulnerable youths with vocational training skills in Uganda.
We have aspirit of preservation and protection of Environment from pollution for the next generation.
We found the following ;
Increasing Extiction of plants and animals species due to unavoidable climate conditions in Uganda.
Increasing of Environment destruction methods by human activities ( sand mining, massive defforastation, swamp reclamation,poor methods of farming , use of plastic and use of fuel ) these have increased Environmental destruction leading to harsh climatic changes in Uganda .
The organization would like to do the following projects .
1. Integrated climate restoration and youths livehood in the refugee hosting Communities in southern Uganda .
This project is aiming at the following activities ;
1. Reafforastation and afforastation of 145 square Miles in southern Uganda .



Mwesigye Robert

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