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Abraham Isaac and Jacob Blessings Africa -AIJBA

managed by B. Tushabe

About us

AIJBA works for a world where the people of God contribute to the abundance & the common good through work, business and investment and share resources for the common good.

For the last twenty-five years Fred Mawanda and his wife Pauline Tumugonze have been leading community development, self-sustenance initiatives and savings and credit start-ups. For the last twelve years they have been focused on evangelization of young people, especially from the universities, with a vision of empowering them to be an influential force of renewal in Church and society. This recent focus has included upfront evangelization outreaches, leadership development and socio-economic initiatives. The socio-economic initiatives include entrepreneurship training, savings programs, and direct credit for individuals and groups.

Our mission at AIJBA is empowering and connecting the people of God to be an influential force for renewal of church and Society using their God given talents and available resources.


Lwengo, Uganda

B. Tushabe

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