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Warsan Relief & Development Organisation

managed by Ousman Oumer

About us


Warsan Relief and Development Organisation (WRDO) is a national relief and development organisation registered in the Republic of Somaliland under the Ministry of Planning and National Development with registration no: L43/2397. WRDO is an organisation founded in August 2017 as charity organisation. WRDO works to address social inequalities, access to food & nutrition, health services, and skills training for those in need. WRDO primarily works in remote rural areas in Somaliland, often with internally displaced persons (IDPs) as well as host communities.

WRDO’s approach to supporting vulnerable communities is to focus on empowerment and sustainability – ensuring the communities receive the support that helps them become self-reliant. WRDO pays particular attention to the transfer of skills and knowledge to rural communities through training to ensure an effective, long-lasting transfer of knowledge on which the local community can build.


Off airport road, Masalaha village
Hargeisa, Somaliland

Ousman Oumer

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